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IKON Authorized Distributors

In markets where Ikon does not have distribution capabilities or Channel. IKON INTL. offers an authorized distributor program to leading local distributors to offer the best support to dealer customers within those markets. These selected distributors provide a number of specialized services to their customers:

• 1) Efficient local delivery

• 2) Invoices in local language and currency

• 3) Updated product information

• 4) Effective technical support

IKON Master Distributors

In addition to the Authorized Distributor program, IKON also provide a premium program to select  Master Distributors, who are the exclusive distributor of IKON products in specific country or regions. These Master Distributors offer IKON brand products exclusively, including technical, sales & marketing support.

IKON INTL. is a global company supported by sales, customer service and distribution centers around the world.
Please go to your region representatives for more information or contact us at